Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fetocide - Redefine

Tech death the way it should be: convulsing, abstract, brutal, but oddly lacking in the ornate, frilly quality of its contemporaries. It never loses sight of the ultimate goal; it just uses more elaborate tools to use it. For fans of Wormed more interested in the actual music behind the novelty.

Lordamor - Lordamor

Funeral doom that's blackish without sounding like Nortt and tortureish without sounding like Wormphlegm. Lordamor dovetails the more extreme and more melodic styles of funeral doom into a pretty amazing whole, with the churn-and-grunt brutality of most of the big torture names alongside a remarkably fluid and dynamic sense of lead melody cultivated from bands like Mourning Beloveth but with a more unique and personal touch. Emotive, sort of psychedelic at times- essential for funeral doom fans.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

One Brick Down - This is Tribalcore

Mid-'00s metalcore mixed with "tribal" influences- hand drums and such ala "Roots." What sort of tribe is never specified, so I assume it's the same tribe that generic folk metal bands follow- not attributable to any particular nation or ethnicity. The references to mid-era Sepultura and Soulfly are clear, but somehow this comes out more than the sum of its parts and not as odious as the description sounds. Still basically a novelty listen, and it's probably best that this demo is only three tracks long, but I have many worse things in the metalcore that inhabits my collection.

Maggot Infested - Aborted Fetus

Idiot, brackish noisecore with hints of death/grind in fits and starts. The sort of thing that would have been released on a blearily Xeroxed tape in '92 with a shit-smeared toilet on the cover. Sent a letter to Seth Putnam looking for a split 7" to no response sort of stuff. Fun for what it is.

F.A.M. - Bullet(in)

Very Dutch, in a similar vein as Bloodbastard but a bit more consistently uptempo and grinding. As the Dutch are wont to do, you can expect vicious, imprecise death/grind spiced up with heavy doses of porngrind grooves and Neuropathia-style rockouts. It's hardly something I would describe as delicate and beautiful, but it is indeed pretty fantastic. Inspires headbanging regardless of individual taste.