Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It - Wolves of Winter

Been a very long while, hasn't it. In my defense, I was doing some things, and also some stuff. If it makes it better, I will say that I've been dealing with a crippling addiction wherein I snort lines of my own ejaculate. You think you're disgusted? I'm the one snorting cum all the time.

On the run up to Christmas, expect me to make up for lost time with some of the most deranged, retarded, and sexy music you've ever heard.

It is a one-man project from Canada that's very hard to refer to. He cranked out five demos that got distributed on the dearly departed Rusty Axe Records and supposedly also made a full-length that I've never seen proof of existing. His style developed over time, but this is the first demo. I'm not sure what to call it. Heirdrain with a more competent musician, maybe, with big chunks of old (old, old) Beherit and maybe Sort Vokter thrown in as well. It's ugly and sounds like it's made by rapist clowns.


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